Scott Clay
Week in Review, 2/17/2017
Love is in the air; love for RPGs, to be precise.
02.17.17 - 10:48 PM

Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but who needs love when you have RPGs to play! Some cool news this week along with two awesome reviews for two highly anticipated games. If you missed any of the news this week, fear not, as we have a recap of most of it below!

Story by Colin Burns. Review by Alana Hagues

The last few installments of the Tales series have been very lackluster, and some of them have been pretty bad, but you really can't count the series out. Did Tales of Berseria finally right the ship for the series or did it continue its downward tumble? Check out Alana's review for all the details.

Tales of Berseria Screenshot

Story by Colin Burns

Even though Persona 5 was supposed to come out on Valentine's Day, that doesn't mean that Atlus isn't showing us gamers some love. This week it was announced that all of the Persona 5 Costume DLC will be available for the western release.

Persona 5 Screenshot

Story by Chris Gebauer

It seems every game company wants their fans' opinion lately. Last week, Atlus wanted some feedback on the Persona franchise, and this week Square Enix wants your feedback for the DLC content for Final Fantasy XV. Hopefully, the trend continues into the future.

Final Fantasy XV Screenshot

Story by Alana Hagues. Review by Robert Steinman

What do you get when you take Dark Souls and mash it together with Ninja Gaiden? You get Nioh, a fresh look at Souls-esque gameplay. But the real question is if it can stand by itself, or if it is just a soulless copy. Check out Robert Steinman's review for the full details.

Nioh Screenshot

Story by Alana Hagues. Preview by John Alas

Loot, loot, and more loot. Honestly, in games like Path of Exile, you can't have enough loot, and even when you think you have enough, there is always something else that needs collecting. Grinding Gear Games has almost perfected the loot-based dungeon crawler with Path of Exile, and they intend to continue the game's excellence in their new update The Fall of Oriath. John Alas got some time to get hands-on with the new update, so check out his thoughts in his preview.

Path of Exile Screenshot

Story by Peter Triezenberg

Good news: even when Breath of the Wild ends, it won't! Nintendo has plans for Breath of the Wild DLC to keep the party going even after the game ends. Better yet, you can get a season pass to enjoy all the fun for a low price. Nintendo may do things backwards sometimes, but their DLC is top-notch, and I am excited to play through it even though the game hasn't been released yet!

Breath of the Wild Screenshot

And that's a wrap for this week. There will be some big news in the coming week from NIS America and for Final Fantasy XIV, so be sure to check back on the front page for all your RPG news!