John Alas
Final Fantasy XV Profitable at Launch, Majority of Team Working on Developing DLC
Swimming in cash.
02.14.17 - 12:52 PM

Those who've beaten Final Fantasy XV will have lots of post-game activities to look forward to. Square Enix has confirmed that most of Final Fantasy XV's development team is working on upcoming content. Director Hajime Tabata revealed that 70 percent of the team is developing updates, DLC, and VR experiences, while the other 30 percent has moved to developing other projects for the company.

final fantasy xv upcoming dlc

Tabata has said on several occasions that they would like to provide support for the game as long as possible. Currently there's about a year's worth of content planned. The next update is due February 21st and will include the Booster Pack DLC as well as the promised 60 frames per second PS4 Pro patch.

Those with the season pass can access the first story content, 'Episode Gladiolus' on March 28th while receiving an update to the controversial Chapter 13. The following update will include 'Episode Prompto', due sometime in June.

Lastly, Tabata confirmed that Final Fantasy XV was profitable during its launch on November 29th last year. Shortly after the game launched, Square Enix stated that the game had shipped over 5 million units and downloads. Tabata later said that the game had sold over 6 million units. It was the best selling game on PS4 during December 2016 and second overall.