John Tucker
RPGFan's 40 Most Anticipated Games of 2017
Part two, even!
02.06.17 - 11:16 AM

Yesterday, we gave you the first half of our Most Anticipated list for 2017, so today, it's time for part two. This half of our (alphabetically ranked) list includes a few games that might be wishful thinking on our part as well as a new Zelda for a new console and a game I feel like I have heard of somewhere before now... Per-something 5? There are also a number of indie games that look like they'll do what indie games do best — provide us with unique gaming experiences that are too risky, profit-wise, for bigger studios.

Check out the full list below, drop by the forums to tell us about the games you're most looking forward to this year, and of course watch our front page all year for continued coverage of the games on the list!