John Alas
Atlus Asking Fans What Persona Games You Would Like to See
More Persona main series games would be nice.
02.05.17 - 7:59 AM

Atlus has released a 2017 survey in Japanese asking fans to provide input on what titles they would like to see from the franchise. A few of the options include HD remasters of previous Persona games and Persona 5 spinoffs.

persona series survey

The rest of the options include a fighting game for Persona 5, an HD remaster of Revelations:Persona, Persona 3 dance game, Persona series online game, Persona shooter, Persona 6, an enhanced version of Persona 5, and a sequel to Persona Q. Notably there is no mention of Persona 4, possibly due to the numerous recent spin-offs the entry has received.

Further, you can also provide input on what platforms you would like to see the games release on. Options include PS4, PSVR, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, 3DS and smartphone.

The survey also asks respondents about their willingness to purchase follow up titles to non-Persona titles, including Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse and Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir.

Lastly, it asks players if they know about popular RPG's from their competitors including Final Fantasy VII: Remake Dragon Quest XI and others.

The survey is available to take now and will be open until February 7th at 11:59 JST. It will take roughly 25 minutes to complete.

This is the third time the survey has been available to take and Atlus says it has been very beneficial hearing from the fans in order to provide the best gaming experience possible. Be sure to make your voice heard!