Mike Salbato
RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Swords and Serpents
You aren't ready for this one.
02.04.17 - 3:41 PM

Ever since we started our weekly Sunday streams here at RPGFan, we've tried to bring you a wide variety of games. Sometimes that means something you've seen all over the internet like Final Fantasy XV, and sometimes it's something that makes you stop and think "well, I wasn't expecting this."

The latter is what we have in store this week, as John Tucker will be playing the NES, uh, classic (?) Swords and Serpents. An old school, first person dungeon crawler developed by Acclaim, I won't pretend to know much about it, except that the game has epic, as-80s-as-it-gets fantasy artwork on its box:

Swords and Serpents NES Box Art

...and it had a commercial that my life is richer, having seen it:

I don't think John plans to dress like any of these fine Swords and Serpents warriors for tomorrow's stream, but it should still be a good time, so check below or on our Twitch page for all the fun, starting at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern tomorrow!

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