John Alas
Future Final Fantasy XV Updates to Include Monster Bestiary and Improved Main Game
Chapter 13 certainly went too far in its intended purpose.
01.31.17 - 4:32 AM

Final Fantasy XV is going to be an incredibly massive game once all of the planned DLC is released. The game's director Hajime Tabata has announced that a monster bestiary update is going to be released sometime in the future (surprised this wasn't included initially). While no release window was given, Tabata said to "please look forward to future information."

final fantasy xv future updates

Tabata also revealed that Final Fantasy XV's Chapter 13 was intended to be designed the way it is during the development period. He admits that they may have gone too far in causing the player stress and wishes to resolve the issue by improving Chapter 13 along with the rest of the main game in future updates. The game was always planned to be updated after it's release in order to enhance the full game. He explained more on the update plans:

When it comes to the overall playability of the game and not the main plot, updating the game while receiving player feedback will not make the game inconsistent with the game's vision.

We do not intend on making this a completely different game from what was already delivered to the players. We are making changes to deliver an enhanced gameplay experience for those who have purchased and played the game, but this is not necessarily limited to chapter 13.

Our main objective is to relieve any unintentional stress to the player. and add elements that will expand the breath of gameplay. Furthermore, the story will be easier to comprehend as we strengthen the connection of events surrounding this chapter. Please wait a little longer until we announce more details regarding the updates.

For those wanting to get more out of Final Fantasy XV, the game's first update is out now and it includes a self-photography feature as well as a limited time Moogle Chocobo Carnival event. Keep checking RPGFan for more on Final Fantasy XV's upcoming DLC.