Jesse Woo
Valkyria Revolution Devs Wanted 'Uniquely Japanese Style'
Whatever that means.
01.29.17 - 10:32 PM

Having recently released Valkyria Revolution on PS4 and Vita, the game's director Takeshi Ozawa and producer Katsura Mikami discussed some of their design choices with 4Gamer. They emphasized that their priority was to make a game that would be loved in Japan, and that would have a "uniquely Japanese style." To design a game with an eye toward the international market would interfere with its endemic Japanese-ness, they said.

Drawing on an example from a more traditional art form, Mikami-san reference's Vincent van Gogh's inspiration by traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints. He argued that if a work of art is good, it will find acceptance regardless of its place of origin.

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Further, speaking about the relationship to the Valkyria Chronicles series, Ozawa-san said that the artist and composer from those games, Raita Hanjou and Hitoshi Sakimoto, were not brought on to this game in order to maintain a distinct look and feel. There was no word about what that meant for the future of Valkyria Chronicles as a distinct series however.

Valkyria Revolution is out now in Japan on PS4 and PS Vita, and comes to the west on those systems plus Xbox One in Q2 of this year.