John Alas
XSEED Release Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Launch Date Announcement Trailer
And cosplay Mushroom Kingdom's residents.
01.21.17 - 9:12 PM

Kicking off the 20th anniversary of the Story of Seasons aka Harvest Moon series, XSEED Games has announced that Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will release for 3DS on February 28th. Those who pre-order the game at participating retailers will receive a Capybara plushie based on the in-game capybara pet adorably referred to as 'Capy-san' by XSEED. See the launch trailer below.

In addition to the launch announcement, XSEED revealed Super Mario Bros. themed costumes and headgear that will be available in the game. They include, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad and they will have effects beyond cosmetic changes. Mario's outfit increases running speed, Luigi's improves fishing luck, Peach's makes it easier to improve your relationships with other characters and Toad's garb automatically recharges your stamina.

story of seasons mario story of seasons luigi

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