Chris Gebauer
Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune Opening Movie, NPC Details and More
Plus a trailer introducing the goddesses themselves!
01.16.17 - 4:24 AM

Compile Hearts has been steadily releasing information about their upcoming title Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune, recently releasing the game's opening movie and updating the game's official website with details on a slew of NPCs.

You can check out the newly added info below, translated for your perusing pleasure:

IF (Voiced by Kana Ueda)

IF Character

IF is a member of the Planeptune Intelligence Bureau. She is very good friends with both Neptune and Compa, whom she’s known for a long time. For someone with so little common sense she’s quite the straight man. She is always worried about jokers Neptune and Compa.

In Four Goddesses Online IF is an explorer. Together with her friend Compa, she gathers and synthesizes items, earning money and experience points by running a shop. IF is in charge of convenience items.

Tamsoft (Voiced by Ami Koshimizu)


A big-chested girl who loves fun things like festivals. She has a cheerful and refreshing personality, but can also be lively. She obtains area access to Four Goddesses Online through a festival lottery and joins in on the beta test.

In Four Goddesses Online, Tamsoft is a blacksmith. She uses her weapon crafting skills to upgrade weapons for other adventurers. She works quickly and has a good reputation.

Compa (voiced by Kana Sakai)


A naturally clumsy nurse who works at the Planeptune hospital. She is great friends with IF and Neptune, and is the first one to start calling Neptune “Nep-Nep,” often going to her place to cook meals.

In Four Goddesses Online, Compa is a doctor. Together with IF, she gathers and synthesizes items, earning money and experience points by running a shop. Compa is in charge of recovery items.

Uzume Tennouboshi (voiced by Mariko Honda)

Uzume Tennouboshi

A strong-minded girl who speaks bluntly, but is kind at her core and has a strong sense of duty and humanity. She admires coolness and pursues it more than most, but she goes weak when others praise her as cool. She tends to day-dream, but can also be intense.

In Four Goddesses Online, Uzume is a fighter. She fights without weapons, because fighting using only your body looks super cool. She advances through the game on her own in order to brush up her skills.

Plutia (voiced by Kana Hanazawa)


A hard-working, natural airhead whose carefree thoughts are impossible to read. Her nickname is Plutie. Her hobbies include making stuffed animals and taking afternoon naps. She rarely gets angry, but is dreadful when she does.

In Four Goddesses Online, Plutia is a tailor. She changes raw materials into accessories and sells them to earn money and experience points. She runs the accessory shop together with Peashy.

Peashy (voiced by Aoi Yuuki)


A cheerful girl always bubbling with energy, she lives with Plutia. Peashy is simple-minded and behaves like a spoiled child, innocently kicking around her surroundings. At times she can be very shy. The “Pea Punch” that she lets out with playful intention seems to have power far beyond imagination.

In Four Goddesses Online, Peashy chooses to be a tailor like Plutia. She acts as the show girl and pulls in customers to make sales.

Arfoire (voiced by Chiaki Takahashi)


A villain who often appears in the series, she has now made her way into Four Goddesses Online, but it seems she is too preoccupied to think about doing evil. She has some sort of connection to Neptune and is very hostile towards her.

In the game, she is a gardener. She has no interest in the story and is dedicated only to cultivating her eggplants. Looking at her passion and skill for cultivating eggplants alone, there is seemingly no one who can match her…

She frowns upon getting too close to others, but hangs out with Warechu. Even though he calls her "auntie," they might actually get along.

Warechu (voiced by Niko)


Born and raised in the back alleys, Warechu is acquainted with mostly bad guys. His injuries were once treated by Compa, so he keeps the thought of her close to his heart.

In Four Goddesses Online, Warechu is an adventurer. He somehow obtains a ticket to freely play the online game, but since he hates honest effort, he does not try to level up. Instead he sells recovery items at dungeon entrances in order to earn a small amount of income.

In reality, he is a mouse, but since there unfortunately isn’t a "mouse" race in Four Goddesses Online, his avatar is the same race as the other players: human.

If that wasn't enough of an info blast on Four Goddesses Online, you can check out the game's opening movie and a trailer about the titular goddesses here:

Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune is due for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 9.