Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: World of Final Fantasy OST Review
What a time to be alive!
12.30.16 - 6:08 PM

The abundance of video game soundtrack releases this year hit me hard in the gut. There were times when I said, "Okay, we can pick that one up," and other occasions when I looked longingly at an album without hitting the "Add to Cart" button. I keep telling myself that it is okay and there's always next year (with Persona 5 OST right around the corner!). Thankfully, I decided to make one of my physical CD purchases this year World of Final Fantasy OST. I only had a chance to enjoy the first CD, but Samer Farag rose up to the occasion to dive into this gem so he could let you know if this one's a hit or miss. Enjoy the read and samples to see if this one hits the mark!