Chris Gebauer
Gust Teases an Atelier 20th Anniversary Project
The series turns 20 in 2017.
12.20.16 - 5:12 AM

For the uninitiated, Gust has been releasing Atelier games for a long time, one every year since 1997 to be exact (except for 1999....that was a dark year for the series). If you are good at math, or read the headline for this article, you would know that 2017 will be the 20th anniversary year for the long running franchise. To commemorate this considerable milestone, Gust has teased a special Atelier 20th Anniversary Project.

Atelier 20th Anniversary Project Tease

A teaser trailer for the project was shown during Koei Tecmo's recent "Greatest Lineup in History" broadcast. The video takes a look back on the Atelier games of yesteryear and ends with the tease of something special on the horizon.

While the Anniversary Project may not end up being a new game in the series, considering the series has had a new installment almost every year since its inception, I would bet on it.

Until we know for sure you can watch the teaser below and decide for yourself!