John Alas
NieR: Automata Collaboration Info, PS4 Pro Screenshots and 21 Minutes of Gameplay Footage
Collaboration game strong.
12.19.16 - 9:16 PM

2017 is shaping up to match 2016 in the number of high-profile RPGs released. Square Enix and Dengeki have released a livestream including 21 minutes of NieR: Automata gameplay. The video has some of the Dengeki staff providing commentary throughout the video, but if you would rather skip to the gameplay, the footage is at 11:20-15:11, 16:50-21:24 and 28:19-40:48.

Next we have PS4 Pro screenshots showing the difference from the standard PS4. The screenshots show motion blur, more detailed atmosphere and shadows, respectively. See them below.

nier automata motion blur
nier automata ps4 pro atmosphere
nier automata

The game will also have higher resolution on PS4 Pro, running at 1920x1080 compared to the standard PS4's 1600x900.

More collaborations have been announced for NieR: Automata with Phantasy Star Online 2, Monster Hunter Frontier Z and Dragon Quest. Phantasy Star Online 2 will have equipment from NieR: Automata appear in the game while Monster Hunter Frontier Z will have weapons and armor and an original collaboration quest. The Dragon Quest collaboration was announced earlier this week at Jump Festa with a trailer showing the Cypress Stick weapon along with the previously announced 'Engine Blade' from Final Fantasy XV.

Lastly, Square Enix announced that it will be releasing a 'Visual Guide' alongside the game's Japanese launch on February 23rd, while Kadokawa Books will launch a Creation Materials Collection and Perfect Walkthrough Book in late March.

NieR: Automata will launch in Japan on February 23rd, North America on March 7th and Europe on March 10th for PS4. A PC release is due later this year in North America and Europe. A demo for the PS4 version will be available worldwide on December 22nd.