John Alas
First Final Fantasy XV DLC and Holiday Pack Release Date Announced
Cashing in on the holidays.
12.17.16 - 1:33 AM

Square Enix has revealed thatFinal Fantasy XV's first set of DLC and a major update are due for a December 22nd release. The free update will include New Game Plus, allowing you to bring save data to a new playthrough and a photo frame feature for pictures uploaded to social media.

final fantasy xv social media picture frame

The DLC package will come in two varieties Holiday Pack and Holiday Pack Plus with the latter being available exclusively for season pass holders. The Holiday Pack Plus Includes:

  • Protect Ring

  • Command Booster (Noctis only)

  • Phantom Booster (Noctis only)

  • Instant Kill Victory Song

  • Battle Skill Victory Song

  • Key of Fortune

  • Stamina Anchor (Noctis only)

  • Carnival Style (Noctis only)

  • Photo Frame (Holiday Pack Limited Edition)

  • Limited Time Carnival Tickets+

The free Holiday Pack includes:

  • Level Stopper

  • Annihilation Victory Song

  • Mog Choco T-shirt (Noctis Only)

  • Limited Time Carnival Tickets

final fantasy xv noctis choco carnival costume

Final Fantasy XV is out now. Check out our gallery to see all of our newly uploaded screenshots!