Sean Dowie
Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack Gets PlayStation Plus Edition
That's for Japanese users only at the moment!
12.14.16 - 4:00 AM

Square Enix is delivering a special surprise to Japanese PlayStation Plus users: a special edition of Final Fantasy XV's soundtrack. The PlayStation Plus version offers side-by-side commentary with composer Yoko Shimomura, as well as liner notes. Check out a preview with Shimomura herself, which offers tastes of some of Final Fantasy XV's best tracks.

The PlayStation Plus soundtrack is available for download on December 20th, with the physical version arriving on December 21st. The physical version comes in many editions, including an enticing limited edition, which you can read about in our news story.

The music of Final Fantasy XV has tracks that sometimes devastate you, and sometimes induce you with adrenaline. It's exciting that Square Enix understands this and is offering a wealth of choices for players to experience its tunes. Keep checking RPGFan for more updates on Final Fantasy XV — it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon!