Jesse Woo
Atelier Firis Coming West Spring 2017
Surprising approximately no one.
12.10.16 - 7:29 PM

The annual migration of the latest Atelier game continues next spring. Atelier Firis is the second game in the series of "Mysterious" Atelier games following Atelier Sophie, and the 18th in the series overall.

atelier firis western release

The game follows the young girl Firis as she leaves her small town for the first time to train for the alchemist exam. She had been living a simple existence, exploiting her ability to see buried crystals, until a fateful encounter catapults her on a journey of self-discovery and alchemy. Once she passes the exam, Firis will be able to follow one of three narrative paths: Alchemy, Combat, or Character relationships. The publisher emphasizes that choice plays an important role in the story, but players can switch at any time.

You can see the latest batch of screenshots in our gallery, and watch the release trailer below.