John Tucker
RPGFan on Twitch: Lineup Changes
New games on Tuesday and Thursday, and adding Wednesday!
12.05.16 - 6:38 PM

We've enjoyed streaming on Twitch since we added it to our set of things we do, and we hope you have been enjoying it as well. But thanks to a few different factors, we're making a few changes to our lineup this week and wanted to make sure you knew.

Krzysztof Chrzastowski had been streaming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but he has realized that he'll be working on that game forever if he keeps going just a few hours a week. He's not giving up on showing you how that goes, he's just exploring some different options.

Instead, each Tuesday, he'll be streaming Shining Force, at the same time he has been streaming — 2 PM Eastern, which works out nicely for any of you who live in Europe.

We haven't been streaming on Wednesdays, but we're adding that evening to our lineup as of this week. Sian Lewis will be streaming Final Fantasy V (that's five, not fifteen) each Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern.

Having wrapped up Transistor last week, Caitlin Argyros is now moving on to her next game on Thursdays, when she'll be streaming Valkyria Chronicles each week at 8 PM Eastern.

Friday, we're staying the course with Scott Clay and Suikoden V, also at 8 PM Eastern.

And Sundays, after shifting the schedule a little bit last week, we are back to our normal 1 PM Eastern starting December 11th, when I'll be playing the recently-released action RPG The Dwarves, based on Markus Heitz' fantasy novel of the same name.

Join us over on Twitch for all the fun, or check out the replays on our YouTube channel if you can't make it when we're live.

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