John Tucker
Final Fantasy XV Hands-On Preview
We've been playing this game... probably too much. (Also, Twitch giveaways!)
12.01.16 - 12:14 PM

Final Fantasy XV is one of the most anticipated games of... well, this thing's been in development a long time, so it's hard to say. But it's definitely a game we've been looking forward to, in both excitement and fear.

Unfortunately, like most "smaller" sites, we didn't receive our copy for review until last Sunday, and with a game this big, we haven't had enough playtime with it to give you a full, honest review yet.

So as we like to do in these cases, we've instead got a preview based on our time thus far with the game. Reviewer Nick Ransbottom has been pouring all of his free time this week into Final Fantasy XV, and he's written up his impressions so far on both the gameplay and the characters. Sounds like it's not the bro-fest we were afraid it might be!

Also, don't forget that Scott will be streaming this game both Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, and giving away items from his Ultimate Collector's Edition copy of the game on both of those streams. (Our apologies to those who tuned in Tuesday — Scott's PS4 suffered a near-fatal breakdown. It's all better now, though!)