Sean Dowie
Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets Japanese Release Date; Demo Info
There'll be some bonuses for those who buy it early!
08.30.16 - 3:55 AM

Sega has announced that the shooter/RPG, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, will release on PS Vita and PS4 on January 19 in Japan. The game is part of the same series as Valkyria Chronicles but features its own separate story. If you snag the game early, you'll get the upgraded, first-print edition, which includes a product code to download "Report: Vanargand Formation", a prequel story to the main game.

Attendees of this year's Tokyo Game Show are in for a treat; they'll receive Battle Demo Version 2.0 (if you already own Battle Demo Version 1.0, you won't need a product code to play 2.0). This demo will have more of a strategic feel than the last, by implementing an action gauge. Sega incorporated the action gauge in the game after many Valkyria fans complained that the first demo was too action-y and not strategic enough. The latest demo will also be playable at the Tokyo Game Show.

You can get a look at some of the visuals and characters in the new trailer below.

It'll be interesting to see the changes the developers of Valkyria: Azure Revolution have made since the last demo hit. It sounds like it'll be more like a strategy RPG, but will it be enough to satiate the thousands of Valkyria Chronicles fans? We'll see exactly what the balance between SRPG and shooter that Sega and developer Media.Vision have decided on is very soon. Keep checking RPGFan to find out how the game has changed!