Caitlin Argyros
Random Encounter 115: The Compliment Sandwich
So tasty and relevant!
08.24.16 - 6:52 PM

We have a (slightly!) shorter episode of Random Encounter this week, as Rob is pretty much swamped with work and planning out a bachelor party for one of his best buds. Make sure to wish him well, as an isolated cabin in upstate New York is probably the best setting for a horrific encounter with some sort of eldritch monstrosity.

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Random Encounter 115: The Compliment Sandwich

Yep, we have to talk about the Final Fantasy XV delay. After that, we wander a bit with Shiren, Derek and Caitlin go nuts for Trails of Cold Steel 2, we do our best Batman impressions, and Peter gives some final thoughts I am Setsuna.

Featuring: Robert Steinman, Derek Heemsbergen, Caitlin Argyros and Peter Triezenberg