Sean Dowie
Cygames and PlatinumGames Reveal Two New RPGs
Both games have an all-star dev team.
08.23.16 - 4:08 AM

Cygames recently held an event where they announced two new RPGs. The first of which is Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link, an action RPG spin-off to the popular Japanese mobile game, Granblue Fantasy.

The game is developed by the incredibly talented PlatinumGames — Cygames will play a significant role in steering the game in its direction. Just like in the original Granblue Fantasy, the score will be composed by Tsutomo Narita, and famed Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu.

It's unknown which platforms Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link will release on, but judging by the high quality graphics in the video below, home consoles would be a good guess. The game looks stunning and thrilling — I would expect nothing less from people with such a pedigree. Hopefully we'll learn more about it soon!

The second game is for mobile devices, titled Project Lost Order. Little is known about Project Lost Order, but we do know that it has another talented team working on it, including Final Fantasy Tactics writer/director Yasumi Matsuno, serving as director for this game. Unlike the trailer for Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link, this one features no gameplay, but it does have gorgeous game art. Check out the video below!

PlatinumGames seems to be the busiest development team ever. I wouldn't be surprised if they announced one hundred more games tomorrow. Keep checking RPGFan for info on what Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link will play on, and what the gameplay of Project Lost Order looks like!