Chris Gebauer
Paper Mario: Color Splash Trailer Introduces the V Team
08.23.16 - 3:50 AM

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash introducing the world to an incredible group of toads. Called Rescue V, this heroic bunch is a sentai squad (a la the Power Rangers) made up of Rescue Red, Rescue Blue, Rescue Yellow, Rescue Green, and Rescue Purple. And when their powers combine, the form a fearless squad dedicated to aiding Mario in his mission to return color to the world.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

The first episode of Rescue V showcased how exactly the team will aid Mario throughout his quest in Color Splash. At one point, Mario uses Rescue Purple toads as a staircase while Rescue Green is later seen being used as a bridge. We even get to see the all powerful Rescue Yellow help Mario pluck a giant turnip. Moral of the story: Rescue V is a force to be reckoned with.

Paper Mario: Color Splash will be released for the Wii U on October 7th of this year.