John Tucker
RPGFan on Twitch: Chrono Cross
Streaming tomorrow, then for a full week.
08.20.16 - 2:00 PM

You've heard of Chrono Cross, right? I've heard people say it's pretty good. Like former RPGFan staffer Damian Thomas, who gave it a 98% in his review when it came out in the US, 16 years ago this week.

With that anniversary, current RPGFan staffer Scott Clay decided it was time to play Chrono Cross again, and he wanted to share it with you all on our Twitch stream.

Scott will be streaming tomorrow in our normal Sunday time, noon Eastern. He'll continue a full playthrough starting on Monday, 8/29, when he'll stream every night at 8 PM Eastern except for Thursday, when Caitlin continues her Broken Age stream. Confused? The short version is that the week of 8/29, we'll have something fun to watch every night at 8 Eastern.

If you miss anything, you can always check our YouTube channel for recordings of our previous streams. Links to our channels on Twitch and YouTube are found below, but you can also keep it simple and watch the stream right here on this news story!

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