Colin Burns
From Software Teases 'Major' Dark Souls III Announcement on August 24th
When are we getting an Onion Knight expansion?
08.18.16 - 11:39 PM

Although many fans were hoping to hear about what is next for Dark Souls III at this year's Gamescom, From Software has revealed that they will make an announcement on August 24th. It is assumed that they will be discussing DLC expansions for Dark Souls III which would likely be just as brutal and spooky as the base game.

Dark Souls III Announcement Tease

Will the expansion deal with the hollows of Londor? Maybe we will get more details on the royal family of Lothric? I won't pretend like I'm able to completely follow all of Dark Souls III's lore but this latest expansion will surely spawn a new batch of in-depth YouTube videos to help a layman like myself. Dark Souls III is immediately available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.