Sean Dowie
Capcom Gives Info and Release Date on Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice
They're also discounting old Ace Attorney games for a limited time!
08.16.16 - 3:22 AM

Capcom is delivering tons of news on the beloved Ace Attorney series. For one, they have revealed that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice is due out in the West on September 8th.

And for those who have never played an Ace Attorney game, and want to check out one of the earlier titles now, Capcom has dropped the price of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (now $16.49 USD) and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies (now $11.99 USD). The sale will run until August 18th, so purchase them quickly!

To further celebrate Ace Attorney, Capcom America has released a blog series that details the development process for Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice. The first post details a couple of the team's writerly observations about how to be aware of storytelling formula, while also imbuing creativity and "flashes of inspiration" into the game, so it won't feel like a mass-produced product. The developers also talk about the game's theme of "courtroom revolution", and the pressure of trying to outdo its predecessor.

Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice will introduce a new mechanic in which players are shown memories of the case's victims right before their deaths — you must find contradictions in those memories to ascertain the truth. Check out the trailer below to see the series' new direction!

Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice will arrive in North America and Europe on September 8th for the Nintendo eShop, exclusively on 3DS.

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