Jesse Woo
Persona 5 Videos Show Varied Options to While Away Time
Yes, of course there's a video game within a video game.
08.16.16 - 2:35 AM

Choosing how to spend your time is a key component of the Persona gameplay loop, and Persona 5 will be no exception. In a series of videos released by Atlus, we see three different options for how the protagonist can spend his time. He can craft items for use in infiltration such as lockpicks, watch his choice of a sports game with party member Ryoji Sakamoto, or play a video game called "Star Forneus." Of course, These activities are not simply to waste time but offer a stat boost in one of five categories.

Persona 5 comes out on the PS4 and PS3 September 15 in Japan and February 14 in North America and Europe.