Jesse Woo
Tales of Berseria Continues Multimedia Blitz in Franchise Anime
For some reason, the cleavage looks more absurd as an anime.
08.16.16 - 1:59 AM

Tales of Berseria protagonist Velvet made a surprise appearance in the opening title shot of Tales of Zesteria the X, the anime based on Berseria's predecessor. Her presence sparked speculation about the connection between the two games, said to take place in the same world, and her role in the anime.

Well apparently the entirety of episode 6 is dedicated to Velvet and serves as a prequel of sorts. Reports also suggest that the next episode will focus on Berseria characters as well. Velvet, Seres, Rokuro, and Oscar all make an appearance, but so far there is no crossover with the other game.

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Velvet also shows up in a new TV ad for the game, which you can view below. Tales of Berseria comes out in Japan on PS3 and PS4 on August 18, and in the west on PC and PS4 in early 2017.