John Tucker
RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Sword Coast Legends
Now I am the Dungeon Master!
08.13.16 - 4:27 PM

When Sword Coast Legends was released last year, I didn't have the hardware to play it, but the idea of a game that let you be either a player in a D&D-style RPG or the Dungeon Master really intrigued me.

Since then, I've upgraded my computer gaming capabilities, and when the game was released recently on PS4, it reminded me that I still hadn't played it!

The developers were generous enough to give us four copies of Sword Coast Legends for use in streaming as a team, and I'll be doing the first of those sessions tomorrow on our regular Sunday Streaming slot, at noon Eastern. I'll play some of the delivered campaign, then switch over to Dungeon Master mode to make a quick thing of my own — should be fun.

We're still working out scheduling, but our plan is to add to our evening streams where several of us play together. Probably Fridays. Keep an eye out for more info on that as it develops.

For now, join me on Twitch tomorrow at noon Eastern time for some Sword Coast Legends. If you can't make it, the video will be available on our YouTube channel afterwards.