Scott Clay
RUMOR: Final Fantasy XV Delayed Until Nov 29th
Relax, it's just a rumor.
08.12.16 - 9:47 PM

Rumors have been flying around today that Final Fantasy XV will not meet its expected release date of September 30th and will be delayed until November 29th. A source close to Gamnesia has reported that GameStop received new marketing material with a new listing for the game set for November 29th. The source also stated that GameStop is not allowed to put up any of these materials until after Sunday, August 14th. This could mean that an announcement will be made at Gamescom this weekend.

According to Gamnesia, this source has been reliable in the past on leaks such as the Star Wars Battlefront release date and the New Nintendo 3DS release date. Please keep in mind this is only a rumor for now and could turn out to be false. Check back with RPGFan as we bring you continuing coverage on this rumor and whether or not it turns out to be true.