Colin Burns
Get Pumped with New Akiba's Beat Battle and Character Trailers
Hey, you got JRPG in my J-Pop music video.
08.12.16 - 4:52 PM

Acquire has been on a roll with releasing trailers for their newest otaku-themed RPG, Akiba's Beat. The first new trailer shows you the highly stylized opening movie of the game and then continues to highlight characters and the battle system. It does a good job of demonstrating the "Imagine Field" mode in battle where one character gets charged up and is able to link skill after skill while the music rages on in the background. You also get a peek at the dungeons which are themed after facets of life in Akihabara. You'll fight through maid dungeons and retro electronics dungeons to name a few.

The other two videos focus on specific characters. In the first, you'll meet Reiji Shinomiya, the bad-boy of the group. The second video introduces Kotomi Sanada who gives off a very gothic and foreboding vibe with her giant scythe.

Akiba's Beat is already available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Vita. Thanks to Xseed, it will be arriving in the west, later this year.