Chris Gebauer
Bloodstained Gets New Video and Info Regarding Weapons
Check out the new weapon animations within...
08.11.16 - 12:29 AM

Koji Igarashi and the development team over at Inti Creates have shared a new work-in-progress video for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, showcasing different weapons available in the game and the animations of the weapons in use. The video was released on the update page of the game's Kickstarter page and feature swords, knives, whips, spears, guns, and some melee.

In the post accompanying the video, Iga revealed a slew of information regarding the different weapons and animations:

The kick motion will be be triggered any time you've equipped shoes, although Miriam will be able to kick by default. Kicking attacks trade attack speed for diminished range.

Swords and maces are wielded with the single-handed horizontal slash motion, which is the baseline attack motion as far as speed, range, and power are concerned. Attacking with a mace also causes thrust-type damage.

Short swords and rapiers both utilize a single-handed pierce style, but each type has different range and speed. (Short swords have less range than rapiers, but players can wield them in a continuous attack with the help of some judicious button-mashing.)

Katanas alone receive the single-handed vertical slash motion. This is the animation we based on that umbrella-swinging video!

To wield larger weapons like great swords, axes, and rods, your character will use the two-handed vertical slash motion. Use it correctly and you can deal huge damage to your opponent. Axes are even slower than great swords but deal more damage, while rods are somewhat faster.

Spears receive their own two-handed pierce motion. Their long range can make the difference when engaging an enemy, but their length and slow attack speed could leave you defenseless if you miss.

And of course whips have their own motion. ButÖ it's different! I wonít say what it's different from, but itís not from THAT series. Like you might expect, it takes a while to swing a whip, but your reward is increased range.

Finally, guns use the shooting motion, giving you a projectile attack. But you'll use up a bullet each time you fire.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is scheduled to release in March 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS Vita, and Wii U.