John Alas
Gander at Persona 5 Tokyo Event and Party Members' All Out Attacks
First look at the party's limit breaks.
08.10.16 - 6:08 AM

On August 5th, Altus hosted an event in Tokyo for Persona 5 and we got to see some memorabilia that consisted of real life reproductions of the game's school uniforms, a vehicle that resembles Morgana's bus form and other Persona 5 merchandise. Attendees who provided proof of pre-ordering the game will receive a gift that includes a special clear file.

persona 5 real life school uniforms persona 5 morgan bus

Atlus has also released several Persona 5 gameplay videos showing some of the party members' all-out attacks. The first set includes Ryuji Sakamoto, Anne Takami and Makoto Nijima. Every character has their own unique move that inflicts heavy damage on opponents and looks awesome doing it. These videos are on the shorter side but show the move's animations and the devastating effect they have on enemies. First, you get to see how Ryuji likely feels after winning a battle so easily towards the end. Check out his attack below.

Next, we have Anne's all-out attack where she puts her own spin on crushing enemies.

Last but not least, Altus released a commercial featuring Makoto (motorcycle girl) using her bike to power her way through foes.

Persona 5 is scheduled to be out September 15th in Japan. North America and Europe will see a release on February 14th next year, with the European release coming via publisher Deep Silver. Check out our gallery

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