Jesse Woo
Info of Valkyria: Azure Revolution's Revamped Combat Coming Late August
Second time's the charm.
08.08.16 - 7:40 PM

After announcing in May that Valkyria: Azure Revolution's combat will undergo significant revisions in response to fan feedback, Sega is promising more details on the Battle Demo 2.0 at the end of the month. Sega changed the combat to feel less like an action game and more like an RPG and plans to release the new demo at the end of the summer.

valkyria azure revolution battle demo 2.0

In addition to combat details, the game's official blog hints at news about the voice cast. Sega will also show the game at the Tokyo Game Show in September. Valkyria: Azure Revolution comes out in Japan this winter on the PS4. A western release has not been announced.