Jesse Woo
Tales of Berseria Videos Feature Even More Gameplay and Discussion
Is it 2017 yet?
08.06.16 - 2:22 PM

Tales of Berseria has revived some interest among our staff after a lackluster outing for the series in Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Zesteria. In a recent interview with Dual Shockers, Bandai Namco brand manager Pearl Lai has gone the extra mile to promote the game, discussing the nature of Velvet as a protagonist and process of localizing in multiple languages, among other things. Further, a series of trailers and ad spots are contributing to the tantalizing trickle of footage as the game nears its Japanese release.

In fact, the Japanese demo for the game is now available for download provided you have a Japanese PSN account. With a scenario mode and combat mode, it offers diverse taste of Berseria's offerings. The full game comes out on August 18 in Japan on the PS4 and PS3 and early next year on PS4 and PC in the west. Check out the interview and all the other trailers, including footage of Eizen and Velvet, below: