Robert Fenner
Oxenfree Coming to PS4 in May, Extra Content Coming to All Platforms
Olly Olly Expansion's Free!
04.28.16 - 12:08 AM

We here at RPGFan are big fans of Night School Studio's debut horror adventure Oxenfree, so we were thrilled to find out that it's finally coming to PS4 on May 31st. This version, titled Oxenfree: Director's Cut, is set to contain a New Game+ mode that features new dialogue, locations and even additional endings.

Those who've previously purchased Oxenfree on PC or Xbox One don't need to feel left out, though — the extra content contained in the Director's Cut is coming to all platforms in the form of a free update on the very same day. Everybody wins!

Oxenfree Director's Cut PS4

The OXENFREE New Game+ Mode is a surreal continuation of the story of Alex and her friends on a decommissioned military island and offers new locations and additional endings that serve as an extension of the story. Upon completing the story once, players are met at the start of a new game with fresh dialogue choices and a creeping sense of deja vu. With this feature, players will be able to further change the supernatural events of Edwards Island and the spectres that inhabit it.

In addition to the New Game+ Mode, the PS4 version of OXENFREE will use the DualShock4 controller like the supernaturally charged radio in the game, syncing color glow changes on the light bar and playing broadcasts through the controllerís speaker.

Additionally, an OXENFREE PS4 Dynamic Theme will debut next month in the PlayStation Store. The theme will showcase a dynamically evolving version of Edwards Island, where an appropriate scene from the game will be represented on screen based on the real time of day. This Theme can be purchased alone or in a bundle with the game.

Lastly, players on all platforms will receive a behind-the-scenes documentary series in the game, showcasing the process of taking OXENFREE from concept to a finished surreal thriller.