Josh Curry
Retro Encounter 13-2: NieR
We saved the world, right!? No? We doomed the world? Damn.
04.20.16 - 2:34 PM

Now that Retro Encounter has beaten NieR, we are ready to explore our final thoughts of the game. We have a discussion about the relevance of including a text adventure in an RPG, return to our talk from 13-1 about the prologue and wonder if killing a village of gestalts is a form of genocide. We wrap up the podcast by reminiscing about our favorite moments of NieR's story.

A word of warning, there are minor spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles X; you have been warned!

Retro Encounter wonders if we were the hero or the villian.

Retro Encounter 13-2: NieR

Retro Encounter puts on our detective hats as we decipher the unexpected betrayals, surprise twists and multiple endings of NieR. This podcast heavily focuses on plot as we talk about the Emil's coming of age, Kaine's cycle of death and resurrection and our favorite moments, characters and bosses of NieR.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Peter Triezenberg, Chris Gebauer, Alana Hagues

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