Jesse Woo
Tabata-san Defends the Change of Stella to Luna in FFXV
Can we all just get over it now?
04.14.16 - 1:29 AM

When Hajime Tabata took over as director for Final Fantasy XV, he and his team had to make some changes to certain aspects of the game, several of which had already been revealed to the public. Even now, over a year later, some fans still complain about the changes, particularly changing the heroine from Stella to Luna.

final fantasy xv luna stella

Tabata explained to 4Gamer that he had to make changes in order to consolidate the story into one game. Because the changes would have conflicted with the information that had already been released, Tabata decided to rework the character completely. He explained that: "Developers feel uncomfortable working on a well-known character if they have to completely change their role. This is why we decided to change the character completely."

However you may feel about these changes, you'll have a chance to judge the game on its worldwide release September 30, 2016 on the PS4 and Xbox One.