Colin Burns
Director Discusses DLC and VR in Final Fantasy XV
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04.08.16 - 1:53 AM

Last month's Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event answered tons of questions about the hotly anticipated next entry in one of gaming's biggest series but it also raised a whole batch of new questions. Since the event, director Hajime Tabata has been making the rounds and trying to answer as many questions as he can.

One topic that can make or break a game these days is DLC. Tabata says Square Enix has plans for free and paid DLC after the release of the main game. He states that paid DLC is a necessity in order to cover production costs. He also brought up the idea of the team creating an extra scenario for truly dedicated fans that put a lot of time into Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV DLC VR

Aside from DLC, the other thing at the forefront of gaming these days is VR. Tabata says that the team has been experimenting with the technology and its implementation in FF XV depends on whether or not the team comes up with something they feel fits the game. It sounds like the team is interested in creating unique experience for particular hardware as Tabata also says they have been messing with the DualShock 4's touchpad.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30th.