Josh Curry
Retro Encounter 13-1: NieR
I swear I'm not crazy, that book really did talk to me.
04.06.16 - 11:08 PM

In this episode, Retro Encounter explores the cult classic NieR. After a controversial prologue, the Retro Crew shares their thoughts on how charming the game and characters are. But we are not without questions, like, why is this talking book so cool? And more importantly, why did Kaine decide to wear lingerie when she knew she would be combating shades?

Come ignore Yonah with NieR and Retro Encounter.

Retro Encounter 13-1: NieR

Retro Encounter goes on an epic adventure to save our daughter and destroy the shades in the process. We discuss the combat, the crazy story, talking books and of course, Kaine's outfit.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Peter Triezenberg, Chris Gebauer, Alana Hagues

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