John Tucker
Trillion: God of Destruction Review
I'm supposed to make a national debt reference, right?
04.05.16 - 2:33 PM

I have to say one thing for the folks at Compile Heart and Idea Factory: they go way off the beaten path when they come up with a game. No lather, rinse, repeat of the latest industry darling for them.

Unfortunately, the price you pay for that is that when you get experimental, things don't always work out smoothly. However, Neal Chandran has reviewed a number of their games for us, and he feels like he's gotten lucky in finding a number of games that are at least pretty OK. Today, he brings us a review of their latest game, Trillion: God of Destruction, which was released in the US just last week.

Does Neal's lucky streak continue, or is this the experiment that blows up in his face? Check out his review at the link below to find out!