Jesse Woo
April Fools 2016: Witcher 3's Roach DLC a Likely GOTY 2016 Contender
It's basically already cinched it.
04.01.16 - 2:50 PM

The Witcher 3 walked away last year with a massive number of GOTY nods, but an upcoming DLC pack looks to do it one better. Entitled simply Roach, this DLC will be included with pre-orders of the Blood and Wine expansion and focuses on the one thing every player wanted to do but couldn't: talk to Roach. Internal discussions amongst the RPGFan staff have already pegged the DLC for our 2016 GOTY award. Once you see the trailer, you will surely agree that the likes of Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV needn't even bother applying.

Pre-orders for Roach are available today, April 1st, 2016.

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