Josh Curry
April Fools 2016: Tetris Review and Retro Encounter
Come listen as we talk about the greatest RPG ever.
04.01.16 - 8:29 AM

With Retro Encounter approaching our one year anniversary, we wanted to sit down and discuss the most influential and important RPG of all time: Tetris. We talk about our favorite characters, how it succeeded with an open world and branching paths and finally, our thoughts on if Tetris could ever be successfully made into a video game movie.

But talking about it wasn't enough — John Tucker has also provided us a written review of this gaming legend, where he extols the virtues of its unique twist on the roguelike formula and his appreciation for the way Straight Piece and Square Piece overcome their differences by the story's end.

Retro Encounter Bonus Round: Tetris

Retro Encounter discusses how Tetris revolutionized video games, won the Cold War and still had time to be the best RPG of all-time with its memorable characters and riveting plot. This is not a episode that you will want to miss!!

Featuring: Josh Curry, Mike Sollosi, Peter Triezenberg, Marcos Gaspar, John Tucker

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