Jesse Woo
Star Ocean 5 Villains Make Their Debut, and Possible Western Release Date
Right in the middle of summer.
04.01.16 - 12:35 AM

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness appears to have a release date for North America. Gematsu is reporting that the game's page on the Square Enix Online Store listed the date for the PS4 launch as June 28, although the page has since been amended to read "TBD."

In any event, the game just came out in Japan, but until now there have been some central figures absent from our understanding of the plot, the villains. That has of course all changed with the introduction of the nation of Kronos. Kronos is an advanced (read: space faring) nation that opposes the Pangalactic Federation and has been operating in the shadows. They seem to have some designs on the young girl Relia, pitting them against Fidel and crew.

General Alma
star ocean 5 general alma

As the name implies, Alma is a Kronos general, and a big brute of man whose first resort is always force. He is leading the hunt for Relia, though his motivations are unknown.

star ocean 5 Aaron

Aaron serves under General Alma, commanding a Kronos warship. The corpulent captain often taunts Fidel and his friends with an ironic courtesy.

star ocean 5 thoras

An independent mad-scientist who has aligned himself with Kronos for the time being. He has no respect for human life, because you know, mad scientist.

At first blush, these villains appear to be ripped from the pages of every other JRPG ever made, but only time will tell if they turn out to be something more substantial. That time in Japan is March 31st, and later this summer in the West, possibly on June 28th.