Scott Clay
Final Fantasy XIV Letter From the Producer Live XXVII Wrap-Up
That is the most beautiful rendition of FF6's Fierce Battle BGM ever!
01.31.16 - 9:44 PM

Earlier today, Final Fantasy XIV's 27th edition of the Letter From the Producer Live aired allowing players to get an early look at the next big content patch. Patch 3.2 will be titled "The Gears of Change" and will be released on February 23rd. As has been the case for all previous even numbered patches, the content in this patch is set to increase the item level for all gear as well as introduce the new end game raid Alexander: Midas. Of course that's not all that's available in this patch, and we got the run down for you.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Gears of Change Banner

Starting off is the new raid Alexander: Midas and this time both Normal mode and Savage Mode will be released at the same time. The rules for looting will not change from the previous Alexander: Gordias, but will change is the DPS checks for these new bosses. For most mid-tier raid groups Alexander: Gordias Savage Floor 3 and Floor 4 were just to much of a DPS check for them to overcome. In response the development team will be making final checks and adjustments to the raid so that this will not happen again. This does not mean it will be easy however, the development team still wants players to know that is is an end game raid and it will still be difficult and players should expect as much going in. You can check out a preview of Alexander: Midas below.

Next up is the new primal battle that has been teased in a few previous pictures, and it is indeed the start of the Warring Triad series of battles. In this patch we will doing battle with Sephirot also known as the Fiend to most Final Fantasy 6 fans. The name of the fight is called the Containment Bay S1T7, and it will come in both story mode and extreme mode versions. The developer in charge of this battle was the same person that designed Titan so be ready for a lot of jump rope mechanics. Also the music theme for this fight is indeed a beautiful rendition of the Fierce Battle theme from Final Fantasy 6. You can check out the preview of the fight down below.

Another big part of this patch will be the introduction of a new PvP mode named the Feast. The Feast will consist of 3 modes of 8v8, 4v4 solo queue, and 4v4 light party queue. The 8v8 portion is more for fun where win and loss statistics will not be counted, but both 4v4 modes are meant for more serious PvP players where statistics and rankings will be applied. The rules of Feast are pretty simple, instead of wiping out the opposing players, you compete over stealing your opponents medals. Everyone starts with 100 medals, and defeating your opponents nets you their medals. The team with the most at the end of the match or to hit the medal count first will be declared the victor. There are a few new rules in this mode as well. Supply Box are available around the arena which gives things such as increased attack and defense, heals, or an increase to your personal Limit Break bar.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Feast

There will be job adjustments for this patch as well. First off all tank damage will no longer be adjusted from the amount of strength they have, but the amount of vitality they have. Vitality before this was just an unnecessary buffer for raid teams, and once a tank had hit a certain HP threshold they would stack strength to do more DPS. This will no longer be the case and vitality accessories will be finally not be worthless. Paladins will be receiving large adjustments as they have been lagging behind the tag team duo of Warriors and Dark Knights. Astrologians will also be happy to note that Shuffle will no longer draw the same card that you just drew giving them a much needed buff in that department. Astrologian enmity generation will also be adjusted, and as someone that personally raided on AST though A3S and A4S back in September this is the biggest adjustment for us. Stealing hate from tanks trying to maximize DPS was never fun and often lead to annoying wipes. Machinist will also be seeing adjustments for better sustained DPS. All other jobs will be seeing adjustments but we will have to wait for patch notes for the rest of them. New tomestones will be added to help players named Allagan tomestones of Lore. You can check out a preview of the near gear these tomestones will allow you to wear below along with the new Eorzea Collection video.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Tomestone gear

Next up is the previously named Beginner's Hall. It's official name is now Stone, Sky, Sea and they are battle challenges for solo players. You can challenge any content solo in these battle challenges including the Savage raids. This will allow players to practice content before going in with a party and that includes the new 3.2 content. For those that didn't want to hold parties back before this is a big help to them. For those looking for more help the Mentor System will also be implemented where veteran players will be allowed to help new players with various instances and get rewards for themselves such as a crown icon next to their name. And finally wrapping up the new content is the new Gnath dailies that will be implemented. It comes with a very unique mount that has yet to be seen before which you can check out down below.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Gnath Mount

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 is set for February 23rd, so get your raid team ready, it's time to go down the rabbit hole again soon.