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Watch A Familiar Face Teach Crafting Mechanics in Star Ocean 5
It's Edge Maverick! Just kidding don't worry.
01.29.16 - 1:24 PM

A recent Square Enix streamcast for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness has plenty of juicy tidbits for eager Star Ocean fans. The footage covers crafting with series staple Welch Vineyard, a new town call Medauq, and info on Miki, Victor, and Fiore.

star ocean 5 Medauq Star Ocean 5 Welch's lab

Medauq is located in the Kingdom of Resulia (Fidel and Miki's home country) near the border with the Kingdom of Landauq. It's proximity to the border and the Rondo River make it well situated as a trading town, and it is scenically framed by the Eihidd Mountains that form a natural fortress on Resulia's border. The town is also home to Welch Vineyard (voiced by Tomoe Hanba) and Welch's Lab. Welch appeared in both Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution as an add-on character, but she appears to be more integrated into this game. She has also grown up, as she is now 18 and runs her own item crafting and research outfit (the aforementioned lab). Upon meeting the party she exhorts them procure crafting materials and teaches them the game's various crafting techniques. Though she can be overbearing, her help is invaluable.

Star Ocean 5 crafting

Crafting in Star Ocean 5 broadly falls into three categories: Recipe Synthesis, Creative Synthesis, and Equipment Enhancement. Recipe Synthesis is the classic Star Ocean method of crafting items. It can be further broken down into seven types:

  • Mixtures: crafting recovery and attack items
  • Handicrafts: crafting other types of recovery and attack items with additional effects
  • Smithing: crafting weapons and armor
  • Craftsmanship: crafting accessories
  • Cooking: crafting food to heal or boost stats
  • Writing: crafting books or cards that teach new skills
  • Alchemy: crafting additional recipes

Creative Synthesis meanwhile allows players to combine up to six items for a chance a random (and hopefully better) item. Equipment Enhancement lets players improve weapons and armor, imparting specific attributes based on the materials used.

star ocean 5 creative synthesis Star Ocean 5 Equipment enhancement

The video also delved into some of Fiore's combat skills, namely her Reserve Rush (super move) and Guard Counter skill. Her Reserve Rush skill is called F-Dystopia, and it hits a wide area of effect to deal massive damage and reduce enemy parameters. Her Guard Counter, F-Punishment, slaps the enemy down and stuns them for a short period.

star ocean 5 Reserve Rush Star Ocean 5 Fiore Guard Counter

The steamcast ended with character trailers for Miki, the protagonist's childhood friend, and Victor, the serious and dutiful Resulia Special Forces soldier. You can catch their videos below, along with archived footage of the streamcast.




Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness comes out in Japan on March 31 on PS4 and 3, and in the West as a PS4 exclusive later this year. We will leave you with the game's PS4 box art to tide you over until the next update.

Star Ocean 5 Box art