Brett Wooley
Final Fantasy Agito is Evolving into Final Fantasy Type-0 Online
You can't push B, it's gonna do it regardless.
09.24.15 - 3:05 AM

Alright, let's take time to review. Square Enix announces the shutdown of Final Fantasy Agito, set for October 30th. Then they stop production for Final Fantasy Agito+ on the PS Vita, possibly for technical reasons per Hajime Tabata (Director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD). Now they have announced a new mobile game that is also headed to Windows: Final Fantasy Type-0 Online.

The official word is that the game is a "new take on the Type-0 universe, evolved from the gameplay of Final Fantasy Agito". Development is being handled by MMO developer Perfect World Entertainment, who seems to work solely on F2P MMORPGs. Given their American studio, it's probably safe to say an English version will be in the works eventually.

Square Enix even professed that former FF Agito players will receive something special within Type-0 Online. It's probably not a PS Vita version, so don't get excited. Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is set to launch in Q2 2016 in Japan for Android, iPhone, and Windows.