Brett Wooley
Meet More New Heroes and Villains of Project X Zone 2
This game is just getting better and better and weirder and SEGATA SANSHIRO?!
09.24.15 - 3:02 AM

Just when you thought the line-up couldn't be more chaotic, for Bandai Namco's Strategy/Combo Madness sequel on the Nintendo 3DS... it gets more chaotic! Bandai Namco has released new characters, new screenshots, and a new gameplay videos fresh from Tokyo Game Show 2015. Let's dive right into more Project X Zone 2, while the insanity is still toasty.

The Heroes

Captain Commando (No, not just from Marvel vs Capcom)
June Lin Milliam (Star Gladiator)
Zephyr (Resonance of Fate)
Vashyron (Resonance of Fate)
Leanne (Resonance of Fate)
Heihachi that looks as old as his sons, for some inexplicable reason (Tekken)
Segata Sanshiro (The best Sega TV commercials EVER)
Chrom (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
Lucina (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
KOS-MOS (Xenosaga)
Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles)

The Villains

Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers)
Shadow (Space Channel 5)
Zagi (Tales of Vesperia)
Azure Kite OHMYGODHISEYES (.hack Series)

Look, at the rate this is going, I'm calling it: New villain? Sigma. If you look at the lineup, it just makes sense. The North American release of Project X Zone 2 is set for February 16th, 2016, with a European release on February 19thth, 2016.