Chris Gebauer
Final Fantasy XV Chocobo, Fishing Footage and Details on Luna, King Regis
And who is Gentiana?
09.19.15 - 8:28 PM

During their Tokyo Game Show 2015 Active Time Report, Square Enix shared new information and footage on Final Fantasy XV.

In the world of Final Fantasy XV, the Niflheim Empire has conquered all of the world except for the Kingdom of Lucis, which has survived and flouted them with the crystal's power.

King Reigs is the ruler of Lucis and the current guardian of the crystal. He also has the ability to wield weapons out of thin air. In his youth he fought beside both Cid and General Cor. In the images Square Enix showed of King Regis, he had aged dramatically due to the energy required to maintain the shield around Lucis. To add to his burden, Regis' Queen, the mother of Noctis, passed when Noctis was still an infant.

FF XV Regis

The other character given major attention at the Active Timer Report was Lunafreya. Luna is a higly revered "oracale" and has the ability to commune with the gods. She lives in Tenebrae, a city under Niflheim dominion that has some autonomy due to her oracle status. She is also the youngest oracle ever. Luna is courageous, and is unfazed even when surrounded by Niflheim soldiers. She posses remarkable inner strength.

Square Enix mentioned that Luna and Noctis made a promise as children which connects to the story. What that promise is they wouldn't say.

Luna and Noctis

One of the more intriguing reveals in the report was a character named Gentiana. Revealed in a new piece of artwork for Luna, this black haired woman will apparently play an important role in FF XV.

FF XV Gentiana

As if all this new information wasn't already pretty cool, Square-Enix gave us some new footage of Chocobo riding and fishing in FF XV.

Chocobos can evidently be rented for up to 30 days and can be called at any time. While riding a Chocobo, you can press the jump button again to try and keep it airborne. When dismounting a Chocobo, it will follow you around for a while. It was also revealed that players will not be able to breed or raise Chocobos in the game. As for fishing in the game, you can catch fish of different sizes in various bodies of water by using different rods, which can then be cooked up back at camp.

If that wasn't enough Final Fantasy news, a few days before the Active Time Report, Square Enix aired the second iteration of the "Dawn" trailer for FF XV. While the first trailer, revealed before the recent Gamescom, showed a few scenes involving Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and Noctis' father King Regis, the new trailer goes into more depth on what was shown: a grown-up Luna confronting a group of soldiers, and Noctis reclining on his car, each of them reminiscing on the past. The trailer ends with the duo walking towards the camera, looking appropriately determined. Give it a look below!

Final Fantasy XV is expected to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.