Josh Curry
Retro Encounter 5-1: Terranigma
Somebody should have told me this was an action RPG!
09.18.15 - 8:28 PM

If the world sinks below the ocean but you aren't surrounded by water, are you in the underworld or hell? If that question has been plaguing you, then do we have a podcast for you! Go back in time with us as the Retro Crew begins playing a Super Nintendo gem from the mid-90s (that never made its way to North America).

Take a listen, we promise it will be entertaining.

Retro Encounter 5-1: Terranigma

Seems like Terranigma wasn't quite what some of us expected, but in a good way! A few embarrassing stories are shared before comparisons to other games lead to a conversation on what our favorite Zelda game is. We wrap up the podcast by trying to unpack what is actually going on in Terranigma; as Davi perfectly explains: it's an enigma!!

Featuring: Josh Curry, Davi Tesnovich, Jesse Woo, Peter Triezenberg