Jesse Woo
Noctis' Voice Actor Visits Square Enix, Rides Chocobos
In the game of course, not a real life chocobo.
09.17.15 - 2:35 AM

Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the voice actor who plays Noctis in Final Fantasy XV, recently visited the Square Enix headquarters in Japan, and through the magic of Twitter we got to follow his experience. The singer and voice actor reported that he enjoyed the visit and the development team seemed to be having fun working on the project. He also marveled at the technology that was going into the game.

He capped off his tour by playing the character to whom he lends his voice, and gave a brief glimpse of what we can likely expect at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Below, you can see the wide grin on his face as he controls Noctis riding the series' signature Chocobo. Chocobo riding was conspicuously absent from the Episode Duscae demo, so hopefully we will see it live soon.

Final Fantasy XV is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and scheduled for worldwide release in 2016.