Colin Burns
New TGS Trailer for World of Final Fantasy
Possibly the most "kawaii" FF ever.
09.16.15 - 10:11 PM

Square Enix has shown off a brand new trailer for their upcoming title, World of Final Fantasy.

World of Final Fantasy's story revolves around two twins, journeying through numerous, classic Final Fantasy inspired worlds. The game is aimed at younger players and will serve as an introduction to the series. The new trailer features some iconic characters like the holy trinity of summons, Shiva, Ramuh and Ifrit. Don't forget the moogles, chocobos and cactuar!

As for the gameplay, World of Final Fantasy is reminiscent of earlier games in the series and Square intends for older fans to enjoy it with the younger generation.

World of Final Fantasy is being developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and will release in 2016.